Executive Director

David M. Stone

Director of Operations

Clara Silver

Chief Financial Officer

Denise Bennett

Director of Facilities

Ken Emerson

Membership Manager

Deborah Ryan

Operations Manager

Rachael Hoffenblum

Staff Accountants

Tamara Lewis

Patricia Ridley


Director of Child and Family Services

Peretz Hirshbein

Director of Cultural Arts & Education

Karen Freedland

Director of Camp and Youth

Nicole Feinberg

Adult Program Coordinator

Rachael Hoffenblum

JCC Maccabi Games Delegation Head

Deborah Ryan

Family Programs Coordinator

Jessica Gillespie

Camp and Youth Program Coordinator

Marlowe Susselman

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Tamara Lewis

Child and Family Services Office Manager

Katia Kassof




Welcome Center

Sue Adler

Carine Lutz

Dana Margolis

Antoinette Moncrieff

Yael Silver

Marlowe Susselman


Grover Thompson, Guard
Steve Garlick, Substitute Guard
Crime Prevention Security, Inc.


Angel Cleaning Company, LLC
Festima Prenci, Founder & Operator